Do you have the remote?

I wasn't sure what you meant.

Root doesn't care what Santa does or doesn't do.

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I had a high fever; otherwise I could have gone camping.

The use of bad grammar and spelling in the email asking Part to update his bank account details was a telltale sign that it was a scam.

Let me get this straight.

I don't work for nobody.

Don't be intimidated by her degree! She puts her pants on one leg at a time.

Am I talking to myself?

He has a huge cock.


Both Patty and Miles study French.

I still have stuff to work on.

What should I do if I get sick again?


Why aren't you coming with us?

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It was next to the door.

How much money did you spend last week?

I'll go.

My uncle deals in fish.

They both work.

One thing you should know about me is that I hate exercising.

Somebody is standing in front of his room.

Mitch can play the guitar.

I will have been studying English for six years by the end of next month.

"What were you doing staring at her boobs?" "What are you talking about?"

Now I have my composition written.


Production has remarkably increased.

Anna got married without her parents' knowledge.

Do you want to pray?

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I'd like to buy you dinner.


The contest was postponed on account of rain.

Sriram opened his mouth to protest.

Tony and Juliane recognized each other.


I went to school with your dad.


He was called to give evidence.

He was to dine with us.

She continued sobbing without looking up.

I put apple slices into some of the doughnuts before I deep-fried them.

She speaks too much.


Mott was in a local bar.

All men are mortal. Socrates was mortal. Therefore, all men are Socrates.

I can't eat this kind of food.

Students have access to the library.

Do you eat meat?


Somehow he managed to work his way through college.

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Tidy up a bit and we'll go to the movies.

Henry will become an adult this March.

Some people sleep in their bathrobes.


I opened my eyes.


The clerk refused to give me a refund at which point I demanded to see the manager.

Your sentences are the only ones which should be translated on this site.

"What did the politician toast to at the dinner party?" "To peace."

I'm supposed to do this by myself.

Forgive her.

It was cold at dawn, so I put on another blanket.

That's a big sandwich.

I gave her what little information I had.

I'm Darren's older brother.

I wouldn't want to take the chance.

She made him happy.

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The child looks as neat as a pin.

His brother wants to build himself two nice new houses in your garden.

She is looking forward to going to the movies with him.


I was young and I thought that joining up the army was the solution to any problem.

This isn't the time for stupid jokes.

Seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere.

Robbin put on his glasses to read the contract.

You didn't tell them what we wrote in that blog.

We decided to fight it out.

I'm afraid we have a problem.

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He looked up at the night sky.

I told Kiki not to open the door.

These things aren't needed.

I'm racking my brain.

We got beat today.


Sehyo can't eat this.


The students were throwing paper at one another.

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I've had black rice congee thrice in one day!

Susan polished her father's shoes.

A smile played on her lips.

I want to be here with you.

He's really weird.

It grew larger and larger.

I'm doing this now.

I sincerely hope for their happiness.

Do you think you could talk to Corey about that?

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I've won.


He is arriving from Genoa.

I can't lie.

We usually call him Toshi.

I think this is the best part.

I'm going to Boston for three months.

Can you think of any reason Sundar would do that?

Brandi took a big bite out of his sandwich.


I know what Case is talking about.

The Polish language is interesting.

I have a nephew who would be perfect for this job.

David might have stolen Raymond's camera.

I hope he croaks soon.


Deborah walked around the block in his ugg boots.

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He entered the college to study electronics.

There is also an ethical question raised about this.

That was stupid.


Why didn't modern technology develop in China?

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I should think you are in the wrong.

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Dinosaurs once ruled the earth.

They're watching her.

I hear you've done some pretty extreme stuff.

Our teacher seemed angry.

Please drop me off at the station.


I can't bear to tramp ten miles in this heat.

It's a great honor to finally meet you.

I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.

Are you going to leave Margot?

I forgot her completely.


You'd better get going in case you miss the bus.


Sinicization is a process that is deeply rooted in the cultural dynamics of China.

What did Wilmer say this time?

Who can afford this?


You stay with us now.


He works all night and he sleeps all day.


My vet recommended putting my dog to sleep.

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Interlingua is easy to learn.


We were just talking about Val.


I just got off the phone with my lawyer.


I arrived too late and missed the train.

I'm all done.

It happened that she was out when I called.

Naresh didn't get paid.

Everyone believes in their own potential.


Excuse me, is there a hotel around here?

He was always pulling my leg when we worked together.

What makes you think you're better than me?

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The mayor manifested his discontent with the new plan.


I have a message for you.

In my opinion, she is correct.

Each of us needs to fully exploit his potential.

The falcon has keen eyes.

Zurich is considered to be a major financial hub.

Kaj slept in an awkward position, and ended up with a kinked neck.

But I have no money.

Make him stop!

I used to swim every day when I was a child.

This drug company raised the price of a tablet from $13.50 to $750 overnight.

If you have any trouble, just come to me.

Harold had a puzzled look on his face.

I wanted to hurt her.

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Do you think Miki saw Win?

Can I come in now?

It's a lot of fun hanging out with Graham.


His report proved to be false.


It was a very hard training.

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I'm all for it.

Thank you for the refreshments.

We'd both really like to go to your party.